Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Absorption by aerosol - Comprehensive bibliography

Friends! I was looking for something important to write about aerosol and stumble upon this web-site.

Absorption references:
  • ...
  • Ganguly,D., Jayaraman,A., Gadhavi,H., Rajesh,T., Features in wavelength dependence of aerosol absorption observed over central India, Geophys.Res.Lett., Vol.32, L13821, doi:10.1029/2005GL023023, 2005.
  • Moorthy,K., Satheesh,S., Babu,S., Saha,A., Large latitudinal gradients and temporal heterogeneity in aerosol black carbon and its mass mixing ratio over southern and northern oceans observed during a trans-contiental cruise experiment, Geophys.Res.Lett., Vol.32, L14818, doi:10.1029/2005GL023267, 2005.
  • Wang,G., Bai,J., Kong,Q., Emilenko,A., Black carbon particles in the urban atmosphere in Beijing, Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, Vol.22, No.5, pp.640-646, 2005."
  • ...
Well well! you got it! I was doing ego search and found out this web-site. Nevertheless my first statement remains true. This web-page contains well organized and exhaustive list of references pertaining to aerosol absorption. Active researchers studying atmospheric aerosols can hardly afford not to bookmark it. And more importantly author of the page provides list in latex format. Cheers LaTeX users! Did I mentioned that web-page contains more than 400 references? If you don't know what efforts one requires to create such a long bibliography, get counseling from Jorge Cham here.

The web-page is maintained by Sandra Mogo. I guess this is a woman's name. If I am wrong I apologize in advance. Her PhD thesis is about optical methods for the measurement of absorption by atmospheric aerosols. She has participated in many GOA campaigns e.g. GOA Aerosol Arctic Campaigns, GOA Winter Aerosol Arctic Campaing, GOA LIDAR and Arctic Aerosol campaign, etc. First I thought this may be because of her Portuguese background. But then I thought when did in India these many aerosol campaigns launched from Goa. And if so how I missed all of them. I searched the whole world to find out this abbreviation, of cause that means I used Yahoo and Google both instead of only Google to search. But I couldn't find answer. At last on her page I found a logo that told GOA is GRUPO DE ÓPTICA ATMOSFÉRICA. Her home-page can be reached here in case you want to send a thank you e-mail, however better way to thank her would be include her articles in your bibliography which are not mentioned in her list of 400+.


Falguni said...

Hey Harish,

Thanks for this link! It very useful. Interestingly I'm also writing something on biomass burning aerosols and this will help me a lot - Thanks Again !!


Sandra said...

Hey ;-)
thanks for blogging about my web! Error reports are welcome and appreciated. Nice this G.O.A. versus Goa (India) analogy :-) I have
never thought about it before! The Atmospheric Optics Group is my spanish research lab.
Yours sincerely,

Pawan said...

Nice Collection of References ...