Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Air Quality Monitoring from Space

Special Issue of Atmospheric Pollution Research (APR) on “Air Quality Monitoring from Space”

This special issue will be focused on surface air quality monitoring and forecasting using surface and satellite observations of aerosols and trace gases over regional to global scales. In recent years, satellite observations of aerosols and trace gases have shown potential for application to monitor surface air quality with high spatial and temporal resolution over regional to global scales. Authors are encouraged to submit contributions that describe original research results of studies conducted using satellite derived aerosols and trace gases product for monitoring as well as estimation and forecasting of PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, NOx, and SO2 at the surface. Topics will include (but are not limited to): particulate matter observations from space and surface, regional trends of air quality parameters, assimilation of satellite data of aerosols into air quality and regional atmospheric models, transport of aerosols, role of biomass burning and dust aerosols in local air quality, role of local meteorology in estimation of PM2.5 from satellite observations, boundary layer process and their impact on satellite observations, and physical and statistical modeling of air quality, population health and ecological impact assessments driven by satellite data. 

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