Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Which station has longest continuous time series of aerosol related observations?

Sometime I wonder are there any questions left which Google can not answer? Today I stumble upon one such question, when I was just curious to know which station is oldest running station for aerosol related observations? I know in Barrow,Alaska and South Pole, CMDL is monitoring AOD since 1977. But don't know whether these are the oldest stations. And what about black carbon, surface size distribution, PM10, scattering coefficient. I guess one can expect to get long-time series for PM10 at least.

Let us compile the list. Leave the name of station and time period in comment, you know for aerosol related obs. are being made from the station.


Carl said...

Ultrafine particle (Dp < 100 nm) number concentration data have been collected in Rochester, New York, USA since November 2001.

Anonymous said...

I know its been a pretty long time since this post, but I don't know if a list of existing aerosol facilities around the world can be of use somehow. As an intern I researched the capabilities of existing aerosol facilities and what we must understand to create more accurate climate models... the document is here (no dates though):

Harish Gadhavi said...

Thank you for the post, the documents linked is interesting.