Sunday, November 4, 2007

Conferences in the field of aerosol, cloud and climate

Recently I received quite a good number of conference related notifications. Many of reader of this blog may be participating it and they shouldn't miss the dead-line so I am listing them below. If you know conference that is not listed below but related to theme of this blog please let us know.

15th National Space Science Symposium, India (NSSS-2008)

National Space Science Symposium is one the largest gathering of space scientist in India. It covers wide variety of subjects including remote sensing of atmosphere and climate change study. The next NSSS is going to be held at Radio Astronomy Centre (NCRA-TIFR) in Ooty between 26 and 29 February 2008. Ooty is one of the famous hill-station in India.

Last date to submit abstract Dec 7, 2007.

Broad subject areas covered in this conference

  • Space- and ground-based astronomy and astrophysics, planetary science / exploration
  • Solar radiation and its interaction with earth's near and distant environment
  • Magnetosphere, ionosphere, thermosphere, and middle atmosphere phenomena
  • Space based oceanography, meteorology, and tropospheric studies
  • Climate changes and geosphere-biosphere interaction processes

EGU General Assembly 2008
European Geophysical Union's general assembly will be held in Vienna, Austria between 13 and 18 April 2008.
Last date to submit abstract: January 14, 2008
Last date to submit financial support application: December, 7, 2007
Last date for registration: March 31, 2008
Subject area covered are
It covers all disciplines of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

AOGS 2008
Asia Oceania Geosciences Society's (AOGS) 5th annual meeting will be convened between 16 and 20 June, 2008 in Busan, Korea.
Abstract submission dead-line: Jan 24, 2008
Author registration dead-line: Apr 22, 2008
This also covers all the subjects in Geoscience area.

International Conference on "Terrestrial Planets: Evolution through Time"

This conference will be held between 22 and 25 Jan 2008 in Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India. Last date for abstract submission is November 15, 2007.

Following are the main theme of conference
  • Early solar system and Planetary processes
  • Evolution of the Indian Plate: Precambrian to Recent
  • Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment
  • Tectonics-Erosion-Climate and Carbon cycle

Images used here are taken from the web-pages of those conferences.

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