Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Online Open Access Earth Science Journal – Blog Action Day Post

Earth and Information technology scientists at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and at the Caelum Research Corporation, Rockville introduced a new online free access earth science journal, where short articles discussing various earth science phenomena can be published. The journal is open to everybody including students, researcher and scientists. I would recommend earth science students who would like to start on publishing their work, JESP is great place to start. It does not take lot of efforts to compose article for this journal, but make sure contains of article are scientifically sound.

Below is description as given on their webpage.

“Journal of Earth Science Phenomena (JESP) is an open access journal aimed at publishing micro-articles cataloging interesting and unique phenomena that are observed in Earth science data. The primary aim of this journal is not to report a detailed scientific analysis, but to promote further enquiry, document unique phenomena, assist educational activities and compile the information in a manner that is both searchable and citable. The online nature of the journal also provide for including geographic context, linkages to other geospatial information through Google Earth Technology and also explicit references to online databases where such information could be retrieved.”

Blog Action Day Post

Link to the journal

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