Monday, August 6, 2007

International Symposium on Aerosol Chemistry Climate Interactions

My alma mater Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India is holding an International Symposium on Aerosol-Chemistry-Climate Interactions

Symposium will be from 20-22 November 2007. Last date to send abstract is 31 August 2007.

The topics covered are

1. Observations of Atmospheric Parameters
Measurements of trace gases, aerosols, using in situ and remote sensing techniques

Transport and Transformation of Trace Gases and Aerosols
Long range and inter-continental transport, and stratosphere-troposphere exchange

3. Modeling of Atmospheric Processes
Emission inventories, sinks, model development and evaluation

4. Radiative Forcing and Climate Change
Aerosol-cloud interactions, impact on environment and climate

5. Space Instrumentation for Probing the Lower Atmosphere
Advances and developments in space techniques, sensor characterization and retrieval algorithms

Limited traveling and registration fee support will be provided to young scientists (below 35 years). For more information refer to conference web-page at

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