Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aerosol Optical Thickness: MODIS Improved Product over Land

MODIS aerosol optical thickness (AOT) retrieval algorithm over land is continuously improving and now operational to produce collection 5 aerosol data products. Both Terra and Aqua data has been reprocessed using new retrieval algorithm. Click here to view current data processing status. New algorithm replaced the surface reflectance assumptions, the set of aerosol model optical properties, and the aerosol lookup table to reduce uncertainty in the product. In collection 5 retrievals of small-magnitude negative AOT values (down to −0.05) are considered valid, thus balancing the long term statistics of τ in near zero AOT conditions. Initial validation exercise conducted on this algorithm shows much improved retrievals of AOT. As consequence, global mean AOT for the test bed is reduced from ∼0.28 to ∼0.21.

Last month two research articles published in JGR-Atmosphere discussing new algorithm:

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